Everyone leads busy lives nowadays. There’s always something that one meant to do but didn’t get around to. Perhaps there was no time. At least, that was the excuse. Time and again, one puts off doing the very things that would make one happier, healthier and more balanced. Often the excuse is not having enough time, but the fact is that despite having frenzied life, a lack of time is just excuse. One could certainly manage one’s time better. So, instead of putting off happiness, read on for tips on how to take charge of your life.

Don’t Avoid Change

An avoidance of change usually stems from fear. Fear of doing or trying something new, in case it’s worse than one’s present situation. However, understand that fear is a natural reaction to making changes and shouldn’t be paralyzing. Rather it can be used as a catalyst to move forward and make a change to being happier.

Release Expectations

Expectations can often be unrealistic, especially when they’re levied on oneself. Want to work out, but end up disappointed when it doesn’t happen 5 days a week? Does that lead to quitting working out altogether? Accept that working out 2 or 3 days a week is enough for now, and keep at it. One doesn’t have to do something ‘perfectly’ to do it at all.

Time Management

There are never enough hours in the day. But what is being done with the hours that there are? Nowadays with social media everywhere, and cell phones in every hand, it’s very easy to lose hours on Facebook or shopping online. Maybe a few hours binge watching tv shows. Whatever it is, one must identify where one’s time is being used, and scale back non-essentials.

A Balanced Life

Who doesn’t want a balanced life? Yet, everywhere one looks, one meets people who are super busy and burned out. Self care is typically the first thing to be cut from the schedule. And times when one is busiest are ironically the times when one needs to take care of oneself the most. So, take a step back, take a deep breath, and re-prioritize to find the balance that works.

Prioritize Yourself

Stop putting everyone else first! Recognize that personal needs are important and fulfilling them goes a long way to leading a healthier, happier life. If a friend constantly sucks time and energy, without giving anything in return, stop making an effort for that friend. Stop taking on more and more at work. Draw the line and start setting boundaries to nurture oneself and make personal needs and goals a priority.

With a Little Help from Friends

Go ahead and train for that triathlon that’s been a lifelong dream. Apply for that perfect job. Make those changes. And remember nothing needs to be done alone. Ask friends and family for support. Find a training buddy. Ask a family member for a résumé review. It will go a long way towards remaining committed to goals.

Take Baby Steps

Every change doesn’t have to be life changing or daunting. Start with the small, manageable changes, that aren’t overwhelming. Drop into one yoga class, instead of signing up for 3 months. Take one cooking lesson, and cook a meal at home, rather than ordering in. There are a hundred small things to try before you buy.

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