Important Tips for Meeting your Basic Needs and Why this Matters to your Recovery

In the early days of psychology, there was a theorist by the name of Abraham Maslow. Maslow theorized that each person strives for, and even needs self actualization. Famous for his famous triangle diagram, Maslow created the ‘hierarchy of needs’ theory. Self actualization is the top of the triangle and is the ability to achieve your full talent as well as potential. Maslow believed that in order to reach this level, one must first have their basic needs met- which are all of the lower levels of the hierarchy.

1- Physiological needs are the basic element of this theory. Essentially, before you can move forward towards fulfilling your potential, you must have your basic needs of food and shelter met.

2-Safety is the next need in this hierarchy. You have to feel safe in your environment and in your life in order to move forward towards reaching your potential.

3-Love and acceptance is a desire of every person. Whether this be a desire for love and acceptance from family or a romantic partner, needing love is a basic desire of people. Many people have been hurt in this area, so healing and resolving this pain is critical to your recovery.

4-Esteem- Esteem is feeling confident in yourself. Esteem also involves others showing you decency and respect. You can find esteem in your career, with family and friends, and with yourself.

5-Self actualization is the final goal after having your other needs met. Self actualization is when you realize your potential and start accomplishing your dreams and visions for the future. Take recovery for example. You may find it difficult to focus on recovery if you aren’t eating well, feel unsafe, have no close relationships, and lack esteem from self and others.

The only way to really achieve self-actualization in your recovery and in life is to address the other areas of needs in your life. You can find your answers in the rooms of AA, a treatment center, or therapy. You have to learn to heal from the past and prioritize your needs. You can’t help others, much less yourself, if you aren’t healthy and whole. In the process of striving for self-actualization, you find that your potential goes beyond recovery. You will find that once you start meeting your potential, your art, writing, songs, work, or whatever your passions are become stronger and deeper.

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