Certified Personal Recovery Assistants are also called sober coaches, sober assistants, recovery coaches, or sober companions. Some families have a busy life which leaves a loved one new to recovery fending for themselves when they come home. Having possibly taken a break from school, left a job, or had to decline from other daily life activities which provide structure, after treatment a loved one comes home left to their devices. Early recovery can be full of triggers for using. With a head full of treatment and a heart full of motivation, your loved one is still vulnerable to the chemical presence of dependency, as well as the way their brain chemistry has been changed. Taking the tools learned from treatment and applying them to daily life is often easier said than done. A CPRA helps your loved one create a daily schedule and plan for living sober and assists them in implementing that plan while continuing to discover what it means to live a life of sobriety.

It is one thing to stop using drugs and alcohol and continue to live an uninspiring life. Most people who have long term recovery feel that this is not the purpose of recovery. Recovery holds a promise unlike anything else in life. It is a second chance to live life to the fullest. Addiction and alcoholism for many people is a method of survival. After treatment, there is no need to continue surviving. The Hired Power CRPA’s help clients learn how to thrive.

Spending time with new clients in recovery gives our CRPA’s an inside perspective on the various things which contribute to their addiction as well as their recovery. By navigating spontaneous triggers, learning their story, and getting to know the way they work, a CRPA can relay important personal information to doctors and family members, while maintaining privacy.

Resorting to old behaviors like isolation, restricting emotional communication, staying honest and accountable, or asking for help, is easy to do in the immediate months following treatment. Treatment is hard work. There is a lot of therapy, processing, and emotional work happening. Often, people graduating treatment feel they “deserve” a break and want to relax without being so proactive in their recovery. This is where a CRPA can be the most effective. A common quip used in recovery “it works if you work it” holds the most true here. Being in recovery themselves, as well as being a certified professional, a CRPA can continue to encourage a client to do the work and adopt the lifestyle of progress, not perfection.


Empowering families to bring recovery home is what we do through our various recovery services offered at Hired Power. From intervention and recovery planning to aftercare and sober monitoring, our compassionate team of certified recovery professionals is dedicated to helping you, your loved one, and the entire family heal. Call today for more information. 1-800-910-9299.