The only surefire way to never be tempted to use and keep yourself safe is to stay indoors and never come out, one might mistakenly think. However, isolation isn’t a good way to achieve a satisfying quality of life. Isolation is boring and recovery is not about being bored. Recovery is about meeting new people, living a new life, and being the best you that you can be. Isolation can be a threat to your recovery, but there are ways to avoid this.


Find what your passions are and follow them

When you are using drugs and alcohol, you aren’t really experiencing life. You are just making it through. There are so many wonderful sober experiences in the world. Isolation can rob you of all that sobriety has to offer. Recovery is an experience, not a punishment. In sobriety, you can experience nature, trace the world, and embark on adventures.


Reach out to sober support

You can’t recover alone. Isolation means that you aren’t reaching out to your sober support network. Isolation will prevent you from going to 12-step meetings and spending time with positive friends and family. You have to stay connected with your sober support, so make sure that no matter how you feel you pick up the phone, go to a meeting, or simply have coffee with a friend.


You can’t always avoid people who use or drink, especially if it’s part of your job

This is why having a sober network on speed dial is so important. Remember, recovery doesn’t take you out of reality. Instead, recovery gives you renewed purpose and perspective. In time, you will truly value the sober experience. No more regretted moments because of drugs and alcohol. Instead, you will make new memories and experiences.


Moderation and balance are key

There may be times when you need to be alone but set personal boundaries. Some people need their alone time, and this is okay. Consider marking 1, 2, or 3 days a month on the calendar for times of solitude. During these times, practice meditation, watch a funny movie, go on a trip, go to the spa. As long as you are able to reconvene with your recovery, you will be okay.

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