sobriety and depression

Honesty is an important part of the recovery process. Sobriety is not easy, it causes many life changes, shifts in relationships and often times great losses as many people, places and things a person once knew either change or disappear. Depression can happen as a result of sobriety but it does not have to have the last word.  Sobriety and Depression go hand in hand in many ways.


Life Changes

A doctor’s care can be very important during recovery. It is possible to wake up healthy and not hung over or craving a drink or drugs. It is also possible to be surrounded by people who are supportive and empowering and care genuinely about positive things in life. Oftentimes, a person who becomes sober feels like life is over. In some ways, this is true. Life as the person once knew it is over because some people, places and things are toxic to a sober individual. Every person experiences life changes differently but it does not make it any easier to deal with. A doctor can spot signs of depression or anxiety and it is important to be honest with a trusted physician in order to receive proper treatment.


Depression Treatment

Receiving help for depression can require some time to get the combination of drugs just right. Each individual responds differently to treatment and individualized plans are important in the process of recovery. It may take some doctor shopping to find one that best suits one’s needs and offers appropriate treatment. A doctor who is a recovering alcoholic or drug addict may understand what is needed versus one who has never experienced it before. It will require a lot of the individual who is sober to take initiative and work towards better health.


Getting Well

Clinical depression requires treatment but life circumstances may not change just because a person takes some drugs for depression. Counseling and psychotherapy can help a person see what was previously unseen and dive deeper into the issues which brought up the depression in the first place. Recovery is a lifelong process, a journey of exploration that requires going deep into a person’s psyche to understand motivations so as to avoid going down the destructive path of addiction. Trials will come, perhaps even relapse will happen, but life is about confronting troubles head on, not hiding from what life brings. Life is too short to be lived in fear or feeling down. Therapeutic intervention along with medication can help a person think more clearly to develop a plan which will bring about some positive changes and help sobriety seem more like living is a better option than returning to old patterns of addiction to cope.


Hired Power provides individuals and families with the right tools and resources to move forward in recovery. If you or a loved one feel stuck, are struggling with depression in sobriety or need a helping hand, call us. We are here to help you navigate the ups and downs of recovery.