There can be a lot of stress during the planning phase of treatment. Choosing the right treatment center, with the right treatment plan, who offers the right therapies, for the right amount of time, can feel like a great task. Stress during treatment planning is not unwarranted and the pressure is not entirely fictional. Treatment is the opportunity for someone you love to find hope and healing which has the potential to keep them away from the abuse of drugs and alcohol for the rest of their lives. The stakes are high indeed! When family members, parents, partners, and other loved ones get too stressed out during the treatment planning phase, they can cause more stress for the one in need of treatment and complicate the process. That is why Hired Power offers treatment planning services. We work with you, your loved one, and your insurance to find the best possible treatment program and create a whole program for recovery outside of the programs offered by facilities. Our job is to help you relieve as much stress as possible so you can focus on loving and supporting your loved one. We find, however, that for many family members, stress feels like their job. Once you work with Hired Power, the details become our job. In the meantime, we encourage you to help keep the stress off to your best ability and let us help you bring recovery home, for everyone. Here are some of our top suggestions for family members during the treatment planning process.

Talk and Walk: Walking, or any kind of physical movement, is a scientifically backed suggestion for reducing stress. Stress is closely related to anxiety, which means it is a high energy situation. Using that energy through movement rather than anger, numbing out, or getting sick, is beneficial. When you’re making phone calls to Hired Power, to treatment programs, or coordinating any part of care, walk around the house or take a walk outside. Outside, you’ll have the added benefit of the blue sky and the sunshine, both proven to enhance your mood and calm you down.
Make sure to meet your needs: Forms of codependency from severe to mild is common in family members struggling to support a loved one who is struggling with addiction. The needs of a loved one searching for treatment are important because addiction is a life-threatening disease. Like the airplane attendants demonstrate during the safety presentation, it is critical that you put your own oxygen mask on first before helping others. Make sure you’re meeting your basic needs: food, sleep, hydration, hygiene, and getting the support you need from others. Also make sure to get the support you need from yourself through good self-care and relaxation.

Start practicing meditation: Mindfulness and meditation are two tools your loved one is likely to develop when they go to treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. These spiritual, yet scientifically backed practices are helpful for everyone to make their days a little more stress-free. At the start of each day, spend ten minutes in your own meditation or with a meditation app. You’ll create a centered tone for the day and you’ll find you can navigate stress more calmly than before.


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