Medication management is an immensely important part of a successful recovery journey. You’ve come so far already, and some medications can be hazardous for someone dealing with addiction. Don’t let a medication mishap complicate your recovery or cause any unintended setbacks.

When it comes to safely taking medication in recovery, the most important factor is communication. Always be open and honest with your prescriber and your pharmacist. Whenever you are given a new medication, make sure to discuss its potential effects on your recovery. Some medications are widely known for being addictive in nature and should likely not be given to someone in recovery. Your prescriber and your pharmacist will be able to ensure your health and safety only if you communicate openly with them. Drugs such as opioids, benzodiazepines, and psychostimulants are all known to be highly addictive and should be taken with extreme care by anyone that is in recovery.

Medication management should be a part of your comprehensive treatment plan. When people in recovery have issues with pain, mental disorders, or other illnesses, the prescriber will ensure only appropriate medications are recommended. As you continue through your recovery journey medication needs will change, and it is critical to stay on top of such changes. For many, having a professional to monitor medication management is an ideal solution. This removes that additional stress and allows the individual to focus on the important thing, their recovery.

Often when someone has been dealing with addiction, they are no stranger to prescription drugs. From sleeping aids to anxiety medications, to antidepressants, they have likely had experience with some of these drugs. These types of medications have the possibility of negatively affecting your recovery. Make sure all of your prescribers understand your position with addiction and your progress along the journey of recovery. There are other options available, and your prescriber will consider these when fully informed regarding your relationship with addiction. Honesty is the best policy when it comes to medication management.  

A medication mistake can severely detract from your recovery progress. Don’t take chances with something so important. Call Hired Power at 714-559-3919 to speak with a professional about your recovery. Ensure all of the details of medication management are handled promptly and accurately. Stay focused on making healthy choices and becoming your best version of you. Call Hired Power today!