Recovery is not all doom and gloom! Recovery is exactly what you make of it. When things seem to fall into a lull and boredom begins to set it, it is high time we think outside the box for creative new therapeutic strategies. One such approach is Movie Therapy. Also called, Cinematherapy, this type of therapy includes watching movies that inspire, motivate, and encourage someone in recovery. A relatively new concept, Movie Therapy has shown great promise, especially for those looking for a more unconventional form of therapy.

Movie Therapy involves a therapist selecting a series of films for the patient to watch that pertain to the particular struggle with which the patient is currently dealing. After watching the movie, the patient that shares their thoughts and feelings about the events that occurred in the movie. The analysis process and the discussion itself allow the patient to begin the healing process and to move along their recovery journey. This type of therapy is beneficial when dealing with a specific incident or event. Movie therapy allows the patient to see a solution enacted and see a positive outcome which helps the subconscious prepare for success in their situation.  

When reflecting on the movie, try to keep in mind the emotions and sensations that they felt during the movie. Think about which characters you relate to most and why you think that is. Which characters did you dislike, and why? Were there any scenes you were unable to watch? Lastly, consider what things about the movie you would like to apply to your own life and why?  How can you make those changes? These reflective thoughts give you insight and suggestions for making positive changes in your life.

Some movies that have been successful for those dealing addiction include:

  • 28 Days
  • Drugstore Cowboy
  • Postcards from the Edge
  • Leaving Las Vegas
  • When a Man Loves a Woman
  • Flight

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