Naltrexone is a prescription medication used to assist individuals with alcohol addictions and other opiate dependencies. When taken properly under a doctor’s supervision, the medication can reduce cravings for drugs and alcohol and prevent the body and brain from feeling the effects of drugs.

Signs of Addiction

Addiction signs may vary but Hired Power has outlined some common things to watch for if a person is struggling with addiction.

  • Constant cravings for substance
  • Keeping more than needed on hand
  • Exhibiting unusual behaviors
  • Spending time searching for or using substance
  • Engaging in less social activities or hobbies to use substance

Opioid or other prescription painkiller addictions may cause a person to experience other symptoms which can include:

  • Depression
  • Confusion
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Increase in tolerance to prescription painkillers
  • Inactivity


Inpatient and outpatient options are available. Naltrexone is used to help wean a person off of alcohol or drugs. The medication is available by prescription only through a doctor. Oftentimes, individuals seeking treatment find a naltrexone recovery center is the best option for obtaining the medication. Inpatient treatment involves living at a facility between 28 days to one year with outpatient treatment allowing individuals to live autonomously at home and attend meetings or counseling sessions at the center.


A counselor will meet an individual at a rehab and recovery facility as they check in for intake. During this time, the counselor gathers information on the history of substance use and abuse, obtains basic information and gets the individual checked into the facility. A naltrexone rehab center will most likely require some time away from the outside world to avoid triggers or temptations. The medication will be prescribed after meeting with a doctor.

One good option many people like to consider is combining inpatient and outpatient treatment. The initial treatment begins at the center before returning home to continue working towards a healthy recovery. Skills, tools and resources are provided at the rehab center including ways to cope with stress and create new social circles which do not include individuals who used drugs in the past. Counseling sessions, both private and group, happen at the facility.

Choosing a recovery center is important to sobriety. An insurance provider can determine what benefits are available to cover expenses of treatment. Some treatment programs offer a sliding scale payment system which bases fees on the amount of money a person makes. Other payment plans may be available. It is important to speak to the facility and insurance company to determine what will work best to get an individual back on their feet, sober and clean.

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