As most of us know, or at least have heard, people tend to experience a crisis of life around middle age which typically deals with issues of regret, family, career, and retirement. There is another crisis, however, that has gained conversational traction within the last 30 years or so and that has been termed the quarter-life crisis. Psychologist, Alex Fowke, defines a quarter life crisis as, “a period of insecurity, doubt, and disappointment surround your career, relationships, and family situation. The purpose of engaging in this discussion is so that we may be prepared if we begin to experience signs and symptoms of this particular crisis. In terms of age, this crisis generally takes places sometime between the ages of 20 and 35. Because of the nature of addiction and its ability to stunt our emotional growth during period of drug and alcohol abuse, its onset may be later in the context of addiction sufferers.

Because of the hugely negative effects that addiction has wreaked within our lives, the quarter-life crisis of the addict is arguably more difficult and stress inducing than it would normally be. That being said, we should make an effort to fortify ourselves against the harmful implication of experiencing this crisis. To best combat this crisis, we need to learn to keep it as simple as we possibly can. This means staying connected to a healthy support system who can help guide us to put one foot in front of the other and continue forging our path forward in recovery. We cannot afford to have expectations that we will find a career or scholastic path immediately upon getting sober nor should we put that kind of pressure on ourselves. We cannot afford to fret over the deterioration of past relationships however we can work to better ourselves so that we are the best versions of ourselves in our next set of relationships. It is important to remember that we best serve ourselves by taking sobriety one day at a time while sustaining faith in process. Because of the fact that many issues would be more effectively addressed with support and guidance, Hired Power offers an array of services that provide these exact services, supports, and accountability in the event that we begin to feel anxious and stressed with all that life has now thrown on our plate. We shouldn’t have to navigate these treacherous waters alone, and thanks to Hired Power, we don’t have to.

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