Miracles happen in recovery in mind, body, and spirit. You have the distinct gift of watching your loved one grow as they heal. Here are some of the ways you’ll notice how recovery is working in your loved one’s life.

Physical Signs Of Progress In Recovery

From head to toe, the signs of progress in recovery are evident. Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, the changes are always taking place. During the early stages of recovery, the body is working steadfast to heal itself. With more sleep, diet, and exercise, it is coming back to life one day at a time.

  • You’ll see a light in the eyes or a certain sparkle or clarity. This is a sign that the toxins from drugs and alcohol are leaving the body. This can also be a sign of emotional progress.
  • Skin tone is often affected by drug use. Alcohol can turn the skin pasty and white. Hard drugs like crystal meth can give the skin a grey, dead tone. As the body heals, skin tone will return to normal with a regularly, rosy complexion.
  • Skin can also be affected by hyper focus on picking at the skin, due to the abuse of stimulant drugs. Without the constant inundation of toxic chemicals, the skin can heal more rapidly. A good nutritious diet also aids skin health.
  • Weight loss can help get rid of the “bloat” which comes with long term abuse of alcohol and drugs like cocaine.
  • Weight gain is common in early recovery for bodies which have been malnourished and starved. Stimulant drugs and opioid drugs are known for causing severe weight loss.
  • Hair becomes more luxe and voluminous in recovery as calcium and proteins heal in the hair follicles.

Psychological Signs Of Progress In Recovery

The brain heals the body and the body heals the brain. Therapy and various treatment methods literally help the brain heal, restoring synapses, creating new memories, and increasing grey matter.

  • Cognitive clarity will return, lifting the “fog” or the veil which is commonly felt in early recovery.
  • Articulation improves, creating a new vocabulary and enhancing the way the mind communicates.
  • Emotional regulation becomes easier with time, resulting in less drastic mood swings
  • Most importantly, the brain does not obsess about drugs and alcohol to the point of needing to take compulsive action to drink or use.

Emotional Signs Of Progress In Recovery

Recovery is an emotional journey. Through therapy and treatment, or just attending AA meetings, there is emotional discovery, release, and healing.

  • Anger subsides.
  • Laughs become more genuine.
  • There is a real understanding of inner peace and serenity.
  • Forgiveness becomes a more rapid choice than resentment.
  • Emotional articulation and regulation increases.
  • Healthy boundaries and communicating needs and/or wants becomes easier to do

From our personal and professional experiences in recovery, we can tell you, changes do happen. Our list here only scratches the surface. Hired Power is a recovery services family, helping families like yours bring recovery home. For more information, call us today at 1-800-910-9299.