Recovering Self-Esteem After Addiction

Self-esteem can be an issue for individuals struggling with addiction and recovery. Building a sense of confidence is key to combating addiction with the help of some tips and ideas on how to feel better about one’s self. Some of the tips include developing a focus on positive aspects of a person’s own character and learning to ask for help.


Tips for Recovering Self-Esteem After Addiction

An individual may not be able to pinpoint why self-esteem or confidence is low but it can be difficult to recover from addiction without some help in building a positive sense of self. Some basic ways to ‘overcome’ low self-esteem include the following tips:


  • Use positive affirmations. “I am…” statements are great self-esteem builders which start with honest sources. Put the affirmations on a recipe card or piece of paper and tape it to a mirror where it will be seen with some frequency. It may take time to believe the affirmations but, in time, it will start to ring true.
  • Spend time in quiet everyday. A person who learns to quiet the mind can benefit greatly from a release of the noisy world in which people currently live in. Positive things may be revealed by taking time in quiet contemplation.
  • Journal every day. Take good thoughts and bad ones and write it all out on paper. It may be shocking at first, but it is an experience and exercise which will enlighten and provide reflection opportunities. Set goals based on what is written and take time to dream big based off those goals.
  • Get help. A mentor is a great way to receive crucial, much needed support for the recovery journey. A ‘trusted confidant’ in a person’s life, one who is respected and admired, can be helpful when walking the road to recovery. It does not have to be a known person, it can be someone new who was recommended or a very intimate, trusted individual.
  • Understand place in the world. It is important to know that not everything revolves around an individual person. Each person is part of a bigger picture. Find the proverbial power greater than one’s own self to build a trusting relationship with and focus on how to make that stronger.
  • Give credit where it is due. Make sure to provide credit for all successes, no matter how big or small. It is too easy to focus on failures so let it go and move on to the positives.
  • Set small, achievable goals. Baby steps are possible on a journey but it does not start without the first step. When a goal is hit, offer a small reward and pat on the back. Self-congratulatory behavior is not self-centered, it is necessary for growth in recovery.


Each person in an individual way have much to offer the world. It is important to have positive self-belief to achieve self-respect that will build strength for recovery and, most importantly, recover self-esteem damaged by the ravages of addiction. Recovering Self-Esteem After Addiction is possible and will help you maintain sobriety long term.


Your recovery journey is important to us. We are here to assist you in whatever way you need to move forward with kicking addiction to the curb and moving forward in life. Call us to find out how we can assist you in rebuilding your life following addiction.