Returning to Work after Treatment

Treatment for drugs and alcohol can be a good respite and time to begin focusing on your future. Treatment gives you a chance to clear your mind, collect your thoughts, and map out your recovery goals. You may feel excited to get back in the groove of family and work life. Any hesitance or concern that you feel is completely normal, natural, and to be expected.

Returning to work may after treatment may even trigger you. Work may be one of the places that drinking was common. Our society makes the after work drink seem normal. Networking, executive meetings, completing big projects, company parties, and travelling are all situations where drinking alcohol is socially acceptable, if not expected.

Being able to maintain your recovery and participate in work related events is still possible. In time, your sobriety will become easier to keep, even with alcohol present. The truth is that alcohol and even drugs seem to be everywhere. The reality is, that this isn’t really the case. Once you learn that there is a whole sober world out there, the easier your journey becomes.

Returning to work after treatment can seem especially challenging. You may worry if colleagues know about your addiction. You may even find that it isn’t so simple to get back in the daily grind. Having a solid support system to help you develop new habits and skills is really important, especially in early recovery.

You would be wise to consider 12 step or sober support meetings. There are meetings available for professionals in many areas across the country. You may want to consider one of Hired Power’s unique approaches to readjusting into life and work. No matter what you decide, understand that you can’t go at it alone. Recovery just doesn’t work like that.

You can be successful in your career and stay sober. You just have to give yourself a little time to adjust and practice sober skills. Be careful not to isolate and reach out for support when you need it. Remember, you only have to stay sober one day at a time. Tomorrow is a whole new day.

Hired Power are experts at connecting you to resources to get you started on the road to recovery. Through our range of services, compassion, and expertise, you can stay sober. Call us now at 714-559-3919. Let us help you figure out the right steps to take.