Your thirteen year old comes with expected difficulties. Hormones, adolescence, puberty, school drama…as parents you’re somewhat prepared for what teenagehood is going to bring you. For one mother, however, there was nothing preparing her for what was in store with her thirteen year old daughter. Barbara Ann was at her wit’s end when she decided to call the Dr. Phil Show for help with her daughter Danielle. “My daughter is out of control,” Barbara Ann sighs in the preview for her episode airing live this week on Dr. Phil. Barbara Ann has been threatened by her daughter with a knife and feels completely powerless over her daughter’s provocative behaviors. Danielle stole the keys from a Dr. Phil crew member during the taping of the show and took off.

Volatile and unpredictable children like Danielle are crying out for help. Parents like Barbara Ann are crying out for help as well. Getting someone like Danielle to agree to treatment of any kind is a tough challenge- not just because she is so defiant. Most viewers at home are unaware of the many logistics involved with getting someone to treatment. Going through the process of an intervention and attempt at admission for a loved one involves acuity risk. For children especially like Danielle, there is always the risk of running. Children who are in enough emotional and physical pain due to substance abuse or mental illness might run. Extreme measures might include: jumping out of a moving car, exiting the vehicle at a red light, arranging for drugs to be picked up or dropped off along the way, self-harm, or even attempted suicide. Transportation which requires airports will mean passing by bars. Long days of travel typically include the need to manage medication, cope with stress, and deal with spur of the moment information.

Hired Power offers a service called Safe Passage Transports. We work with families to ensure the safe and sober transportation of their loved one from each phase of treatment to the next. Safe Passage can be utilized during the course of treatment if a loved one is in need of returning home or traveling. During a Safe Passage consultation, Hired Power attentively outlines the detailed needs of the family and the loved one in concern. Taking the stress off the family and their recovering loved one, Hired Power makes travel arrangements. Hired Power chooses the most fitting Sober Chaperone or Certified Sober Escort to accompany a loved one and help keep them on track. Utilizing the Hired Power Safe Passage Transport service reduces the stress, anxiety, and risk that comes with transporting a recovering loved one.


In the case of Danielle and Barbara Ann, Dr. Phil called on Hired Power to guarantee her safe transportation from the show to her potential treatment center.

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