Temptation is a fickle beast. Addiction and alcoholism are full of temptation which have to be faced down every single day. There is a reason why most recovery programs for addiction and alcoholism include an emphasis on the philosophy of taking life one day at a time, because every day is full of opportunities to choose to stay sober. In the first few months of recovery, this decision can feel overwhelming to make. Many different triggers and temptations can be overwhelming in the first few months because the last drink and drug is not very far away.

Safe passage transport is a recovery service offered by Hired Power which places your loved one safely in the hands of an experienced recovery professional who handles all of the travel details. With the specifics being considered by someone else, your loved one is able to focus on their recovery and handling the triggers which come to them as they travel. Our recovery professionals have been in recovery themselves, so there are few maneuvers they haven’t done themselves or experienced with others. Your loved one will feel safe openly discussing their triggers and temptations with one of our professionals, and will know that they can focus on staying sober.

Typically our safe passage transport is recommended for the trip to treatment. We also recommend considering the use of our safe passage transport service on the trip home for treatment as well. Just a few months or weeks of treatment isn’t enough time to completely erase all memories of using which means there are temptations. Despite spending time in treatment, addiction is not gone. There will be thoughts about being able to use “normally”, or having just one drink in the airport nobody else will know about, then going back to recovery business as usual after getting home. This kind of delusional thinking is unique to addiction recovery, but it makes sense to the person experiencing it over time. Unfortunately with addiction, there is no guaranteeing that “just one” will ever be just one. Too often, after the body has fully detoxed and the tolerance has dropped, that one trip down memory lane can be a last. Safe passage transport after treatment is one more measure against overdose and losing a loved one to addiction.



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