Separating Myths and Facts about Interventions

An intervention is an innovative approach to confront your loved one’s addiction in love, and encourage them to enter a treatment program. The goal of an intervention is to get them into treatment immediately following the intervention. The family and close loved ones work with the interventionist to set up transportation to the treatment facility, should your loved one agree to go.

Don’t let myths stop you from using this life changing service. Interventions have been long proven to be a direct, empathetic approach. Interventions let your loved one know that the only option left for them is recovery.

An intervention is facilitated by a trained addiction professional called an interventionist. The person who you are trusting with the intervention process is an expert in the art of meditation, empathy, and convincing your loved one that drugs and alcohol are simply not working for them. The interventionist can also connect family members to support of their own. After all, addiction impacts the entire family system.

The intervention is not about confronting your loved one with a list of all their wrong doings. The confrontation in an intervention is accomplished in a skilled and safe way. Family and a few close friends write a letter describing the experience of watching your loved one succumb to addiction. You are then able to ask your loved one to go to treatment immediately. The interventionist handles preparation and transportation to treatment. The interventionist facilitates the intervention process, establishes boundaries, and is the recovery expert in the room.

If your loved one refuses treatment, there are boundaries established in the intervention set by you and the facilitator. Boundaries may mean that the family will not provide financial support or other types of support until your loved one goes to treatment.

Your loved one needs to hear that you love them. In order to deal with active addiction, your loved one also needs to know that the family will not participate in their demise. Many times, this is the final step towards getting your family member the help they so desperately need.

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