More Americans than ever before are dealing with addiction and recovery. Resources like mobile apps are becoming popular and aim to offer individuals added support and organization in dealing with addiction. Explore the benefits and drawbacks of using smartphone apps to support recovery and how to make informed decisions about the best resources.


Recovery Apps

Sobriety apps are not new, many already exist in the marketplace. Some are currently in development and will soon become available. The following apps are on the market, ready for download at the tap of a finger. Learn more about the resources each offers.


This app includes a sobriety days counter and can be purchased through ITunes or Google Play store. Some of the apps are able to help individuals locate nearby AA meetings.


This app allows the individual user to color code a monthly calendar using green lights for good behavior and red lights that spotlight poor choices. The Serenity Prayer is available for download along with inspirational quotes for an emotional boost.


This app focuses on enhancing treatment available to individuals affected by addiction to create a place for accountability, support and communication. With this application, a person can set goals, track progress and case managers can also track progress of clients.


An individual using this app will be able to locate meetings, get directions, have calendar reminders and check-in to prove a person attended a meeting.

My New Leaf

This app provides research-based strategies to help with long-term recovery. Personal motivations for reasons behind use of drugs and alcohol can be identified along with feedback, identification of triggers and helpful coping strategies to  help maintain sobriety.


Benefits of Technology

A smartphone can be a person’s best friend or worst enemy in recovery. Smartphones connect people together and offer resources and information faster than ever before. Some of the benefits to using smartphone technology in recovery include:

  • Virtual connectivity to community and resources
  • Apps are available for most every type of addiction
  • Accessible 24/7 to help make better, more informed choices
  • Provides accountability


Drawbacks to Apps

Many benefits exist to smartphone app use in recovery but may drawbacks exist as well. Unfortunately, the accessibility can become a hindrance to recovery. The following drawbacks may also exist:

  • Access to situations or information which trigger a person to use
  • Getting the right resources and help to maintain recovery
  • Technology may feed into addiction and limit impulse control
  • Self-esteem may become tied to the recovery app and can create stress or anxiety if a person sees challenging patterns emerge


Technology Bridges Divides

The advent of smartphone apps helps bridge the gap between existing services and individuals in need of support. An individual may become further isolated without in person support. It is important to find a healthy balance between using an app for accountability and seeking support in real life community with others who understand the recovery experience.


Smartphone technology can be one tool in a person’s recovery toolbox. If you are struggling to balance technology and recovery, Hired Power can provide resources to bridge the gap between technology and recovery. Call us to find out how we can support your needs in recovery.