Why Would Someone Need a Sober Companion in Denver?

People who are struggling with addiction need the support of a therapist or treatment center in order to help them deal with the physical and mental challenges of quitting drugs. Rehab is an important step in becoming clean because it removes an addict from the environment and people who are encouraging to use. This is an important step because it allows an addict to detox and gain the mental clarity they need to fully commit to a clean and sober life. Once an addict has finished rehab, they will return home to incorporate the tools they’ve gained into their day to day lives. Unfortunately, returning to normal life can be a very harsh and abrupt transition. Unlike rehab, where there was no way of accessing drugs or alcohol, an addict is faced, for the first time, with the real ability to procure drugs. They may also be around people who tempt them to use. Even constructive activities, like getting a job, can lead to emotions that trigger use, because with day to day life activities come stressors. This transition from rehab to real life does not have to be very difficult, however. You can find a sober companion in Denver who can guide you through the process of reclaiming your life.

Why Finding a Sober Companion is Important

A personal recovery assistant will spend a large amount of time with you, and will make sure that you cannot and do not use drugs or alcohol. This is why finding a sober companion in Denver is so important. They will keep an eye on your home and personal belongings and make sure that you do not hide drugs or alcohol from them. They can even accompany you to events and stay by your side to make sure that you do not slip when a cocktail tray is passed. An addict’s brain is wired to stay focused on finding drugs at all cost. This compulsion is stronger than rational thought, so even though a person may rationally know that they do not want to use, they will be subject to constant urges to relapse. Having a sober companion allows a newly recovered addict to beat these urges.


One of the urges that an addict often feels is the desire to stop going to therapy or meetings. An addict can easily trick themselves into denying the severity of their disease, or believing that they no longer need help. A sober travel companion escorts an addict to and from meetings and therapy. This way, even when an addict feels that they do not need to attend a session, they will be physically transported there.


Not only do sober companions physically restrict an addict from access to drugs and alcohol, they also act as a partner and confidante in the battle against addiction. They will help foster enthusiasm about activities that can replace drug abuse. In order to help an addict combat boredom, for example, they may encourage getting involved in an exhilarating activity like snowboarding or skiing, which, of course, there is plenty of in Denver! A sober companion in Denver also offers spiritual and intellectual guidance which is a key factor in shifting one’s mindset from being obsessed with constantly abusing to beginning to enjoy and participate in life. They can offer meditations and prayers. They can also guide a new addict through the process of being socially acclimated in a twelve step program such as AA.


If you or a loved one need help, call 1-800-910-9299 to find a sober companion in Denver now.