Going into a rehab facility is an important step in any addict’s life. Making the decision to get one’s life in order and going through the often painful process of detoxing set a recovered addict on the path to a better and safer life. What happens, however, once rehab is over and it is time to return to the real world? The challenges of day to day life and the risk of running across a trigger or former using buddy can make life outside of rehab a precarious place for a newly clean person. Luckily, there is a sober companion in Phoenix that can help make the transition from rehab to home successful.


A recovery assistant is someone who “shadows” you in the time immediately following your stay in rehab. They can help safeguard you against your own tendencies by routinely checking your belongings for drugs or alcohol. They will go with you to work or social events, especially events that may serve alcohol, and watch you closely to make sure you do not relapse. A sober transport escort can even get you too and from day treatment, if that is part of your care plan. This person can be very helpful in the first few days after an inpatient program, as they can physically make sure that you attend meetings and counseling sessions. They will guarantee that you are not sidetracked as you travel from home to a treatment center.

Why Sober Companions are Helpful

Sober companions also act as guides or sober coaches as you navigate the process of reclaiming your life. They can suggest constructive activities to relieve stress or other triggers. They may encourage you to exercise to help with your emotional stability or a greater awareness and appreciation for your body. Facing sober life can be a very trying time, and often the use of meditation or some type of spiritual path can help give a strong backbone and mental presence to the constant endeavor to remain sober for life. A sober coach can suggest prayers or meditations that can specifically help with sobriety.

It is Important to Find a Sober Companion in Phoenix

Phoenix and the surrounding areas are full of natural beauty. Spending time in the outdoors can be a great way to regain mental clarity and attain a sense of peace and serenity. Even walks along Rio Lago can be a great way to get exercise and a little quiet time. Perhaps you’d even like to spend a night or two camping in the desert, which can be an opportunity for thought and prayer. A sober companion in Phoenix can accompany you on a trip like this, and stay by your side the entire time, making sure you stay safe and sober and keep your thoughts on your recovery. Sober companions can also travel with you on flights or other trips that require spending time around alcohol, or in an environment where you may be used to to drinking.


Nothing is as important as maintaining your sobriety: for the rest of your life. Having a sober companion in Phoenix can help make sure you carry those tools with you wherever you go, ensuring that the important work you did in rehab does not go to waste.


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