Entering a rehabilitation center is a critical step in reclaiming your sobriety. Here, you will get clean and gain the tools you need to stay clean for life. In rehab, you will have a strong and pervasive support system of people who will monitor your activities and make sure that you do not use. What happens, however, when you leave rehab and begin your new life? Transitioning from the care of a rehab facility into day to day life can be very challenging because you will be faced with opportunity relapse. You will once more be facing the challenges and triggers that led you to use. Because this time is a precarious time for your sobriety, you may want to seek the services of a Salt Lake City sober companion.


A sober companion acts as your guide as you adjust to staying sober in day to day life. During this time period when you are most likely to relapse, a sober companion will stay by your side and make sure that you do not use. They can accompany you to social functions or other events where alcohol may be served, and will even travel with you to make sure you are able to resist temptation on airplanes or other places where you will be at risk.


Sober support, such as your Salt Lake City sober companion, helps you find ways to relieve emotions like stress and sadness in healthy and clean ways. They may encourage you to take up a physical activity like hiking or skiing, which are so enjoyable in the beautiful areas surrounding Salt Lake. Your personal Salt Lake City sober companion will help you identify what situations most tempt you to use, and will devise a plan with you that will focus on helping you avoid those situations.


Becoming sober requires an immense amount of personal and spiritual strength, and a sober coach – specifically a Salt Lake City sober companion – can help give you positive reinforcement and spiritual thoughts and prayers that can help you continue to find strength and clarity as you continue on your journey towards a new life. They can help you find a spiritual support group that works best with your needs and beliefs, whether it is a church, twelve step program such as AA, or individual meditation.


Advantages of Sober Support – Why Finding a Salt Lake City Sober Companion is Important

Addiction takes a strong hold of the brain, and in the days following your rehabilitation, you may experience thoughts that lean toward not attending therapy or meetings. A sober travel escort can help circumvent these thoughts by physically transporting you to your meetings and sessions. In this way, they can act as the physical manifestation of your good conscience – the part of your brain that wants to make positive, healthy decisions.


Another advantage of a sober companion is that they can act as a friend and advisor as you grapple with the issues surrounding your addiction. They can be a sounding board for any thoughts you have, and offer sound advice on how to maintain your focus and determination. They can remind you of all the reasons you want to remain sober, and provide perspective and clarity when the urge to use becomes strong and very difficult to resist.


Having one on one support as you begin your new and exciting life can help ensure that all of the hard work you’ve put towards your sobriety pays off. By getting through a difficult time with a companion, you journey into a completely clean and productive life. Enlist the help of a nearby sober companion if you are about to enter, are currently in, or have recently left rehab. Hiring a sober companion will be one of many decisions that you will be very glad you made.


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