Sober Summer Camp

When first starting out on your recovery journey, the idea of spending an entire summer with no drugs or alcohol may seem incredibly depressing and even boring. For many, drugs and alcohol are associated with having a good time. For someone dealing with addiction, this may be even more true to them. Remember though, that recovery is more than just resisting the temptation and allure of drugs and alcohol. Recovery is about your life. It is about consistently making choices that improve the quality of your life and the relationships in your life. Recovery can be fun! In order to commit to your recovery and stay true to your treatment plan and goals, you must find a way to create a life in recovery that is more fulfilling, more exciting, and more amazing than you ever thought possible. Hired Powers’ services are designed to do just that for you. With our experienced, professional support team in your corner, the lessened pressure and stress allow you to focus on you. As experienced addiction professionals, Hired Power can help you design an incredible summer that will make you wish you had discovered sobriety long before now. With our creative ideas, recovery enthusiasm, and strong support, you will have a truly epic summer vacation.

Summer Fun

Hired Power can help you plan travel that encourages your new sober lifestyle while showing you new experiences and meeting new people. You can learn to seek out locations and activities that make recovery the obvious choice and limit temptation. Hired Power’s team will teach you coping mechanisms and strategies to handle triggers and make the right decision, even when it isn’t the natural choice. Hired Power can help you create a treatment plan that involves having fun right in your own neighborhood as well. With tips and tricks to encourage your sobriety, Hired Power will show you how much fun is possible without your addiction.

Recovery doesn’t mean you can’t go to the beach, take a vacation, go to a concert, or participate in other hobbies that you once enjoyed. Hired Power provides the support you need and encourages your accountability and responsibility for your life. Your addiction doesn’t control you. With your support system in place, all things are possible, and you are only limited by your imagination. Make this summer outstanding, and call Hired Power at 714-599-3991 today!