While sponsorship is arguably one of the most important facets of a newcomers recovery program, the integrity of the sponsor-sponsee relationship can often times be compromised when the sponsor doesn’t stick to the duties outlined in the Big Book. Because the ego has the potential to get in anyone’s way who is not aware of their own tendency towards wanting to feel competent and powerful, we can and ought to assume that some sponsors will fall victim to these temptations. The “job” or the sponsor is essentially to help guide the newcomer through the 12-steps and to provide support and accountability during this process. Because of the inherent nature of this relationship, however, there are sponsors who breach their realm of understanding and engage in interventions that they have not been trained in which can have unintentionally negative results on the sponsee. We can recognize when this happens if a sponsor begins to give advice on romance, family dynamics, occupational and educational matters, and also if they are trying to process emotional content with the sponsee. The reason these domains are off limits to sponsors is because they are not professionals in the addiction recovery or psychotherapeutic realms and are not qualified to do anything other than help guide and support their sponsee through the steps. This can become an even bigger predicament due to the state that the newcomer to sobriety tends to be in early on which is that of someone looking for any type of guidance and direction they get. At this crucial time period, we cannot afford to take chances with arbitrary sponsors unless we are positive that they understand the responsibilities and duties of their job as a sponsor.

Thankfully, Hired Power, who offers services such as Personal Recovery Asistants, continuing care management, and transportation to meetings, appointments, and interviews. What sets Hired Power apart from the standard options is that we already know they are addiction professionals who have specific training understanding, and subsequently, meeting the needs of all their clients. To take it a step further, these is no need to be concerned about getting caught up in the pack as Hired Power services are designed with personal and individualized programming in mind. Rather than risking the potential incompetence of a non-professional in the addiction, we would best be served by utilizing Hired Power’s services in order to ensure, integrity, support, compassion, and accountability.

Recovery is freedom. Hired Power can provide you with the support and care you need to help you achieve lasting recovery. Call (714) 559-3919 today for more information.