The stages of change were theorized by Prochaska and DiClemente several years ago. The stages of change are a therapeutic tool for many clinicians to gauge where their clients are in their recovery. You can apply this concept to your daily life to help you notice when your motivation for recovery falters, even a little.


Precontemplation stage

This stage is the first step in the stages of the change model. Essentially, during this stage, you may be unaware that a problem even exists. You can be in the precontemplation stage and still be in treatment. Most people in this stage are in treatment due to pressures from the court, family, and other mandates.



The contemplation stage of change means that you are starting to get an understanding that drugs and alcohol are not good for your life. People in this stage start to recognize the consequences of addiction but lack the tools necessary to have a solid recovery. You may start to think about recovery, attend a few meetings, or even go to treatment.



The preparation stage of change is an important step to long-term recovery. This stage is the planning stage. You may not be completely sober but you are preparing for a life change. You are working out the kinks in this stage.



The action stage involves others noticing your changes. You have probably cut ties with negative influences and are attending a lot of meetings and support groups. You are actively seeking recovery.



The maintenance stage of change occurs when there is definite change and you are sober. You will start accumulating years of sobriety in this stage. You understand that in order to succeed, you cannot use drugs and alcohol.

A lot of people go through these stages several times before finally entering the maintenance stage. Remember, recovery is a process, not a light switch that you turn off and on. If you begin to notice that you are slipping in your meeting attendance or spending less time with sober friends, you may be at risk for relapse. You may be going back to the contemplation stage.

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