An individual with addiction may fear life will be boring and not exciting in recovery. Sober living, in many people’s minds, bears images of quiet, slow evenings alone at home, away from the excitement of going out with others and being part of a group of people. Once individuals are established in sobriety, it is more likely the individuals will complain there is not enough time to do all there is to do. Boredom can be a real challenge for people in recovery. Learn why this happens and how to combat boredom to find excitement and joy in the process.


Dangers of Boredom in Recovery

Boredom is not only an undesirable feature of recovery, it may also be dangerous. It can become a possible trigger for relapse. When a person feels bored, old tapes of life in addiction begin to play back and the individual may wonder whether life in recovery is worth the effort. Early recovery is usually the most challenging time for people. The remedy to boredom is finding fun things to do and people to enjoy them with who are also going through recovery.


Keeping Busy and Sober

When people first become sober, it can feel challenging as addiction can become a person’s whole identity. Early recovery can be a time of discovery when the individual rekindles lost interests or finds new things to enjoy. Try some of the following tips for keeping busy to avoid boredom in recovery:

  • Experiment with different activities early in sobriety. Try new things which bring excitement and joy and keep things feeling fresh.
  • Revisit activities enjoyed before addiction took place. Enjoy a mix of old hobbies and new hobbies.
  • Have a number of different hobbies in recovery. This will make it less likely to become too obsessed with one activity and transfer addiction to that activity (substitution). This can generally happen with things like exercise, the internet and focuses on a way of escaping one’s problems.


Entertainment Options in Recovery

Endless possibilities exist for people to stay entertained in recovery from addiction. Some of the most popular ways can include the following;

  • Going to the cinema. Some movies can be viewed at home but going out with friends or family can be more fun and gets people outside and watching a movie on the big screen.
  • Ten pin bowling can be a fun sober activity. If a person used to drink and bowl, this might be an activity to skip as it may become a trigger.
  • Try different classes to learn a new skill. Physical fitness, pottery, art and other classes can be fun ways to meet new people with healthy habits and lifestyle changes which can be good options in recovery.
  • Outdoor activities can be very rewarding in sobriety. Go for a walk in nature, find a group to do outdoor activities with (running club, etc) and find satisfaction in taking on a new endeavor.


A supportive community is key to a long lasting recovery. Your recovery depends on staying engaged with a sober lifestyle. Call us to find out how to connect with others in your area who are practicing sober living techniques and living substance free.