Recovery is not a straight path. Everyone comes to treatment or a recovery plan in a different way. Sorting out the details and taking the first few important steps can be overwhelming. Hired Power offers recovery services to help you take the steps you need while giving your love and attention to your loved one in need.


Gauge How Urgent The Situation Is

Not all calls for treatment are a matter of life or death. The myth of “hitting rock bottom” often prevents people from seeking treatment ahead of time as early intervention. As soon as you suspect something is wrong, it might be time to make a call. If things have become dangerous to one’s livelihood, the situation is urgent and could require a call to 911.


Call Your Insurance

For many people, private pay treatment isn’t an option. Insurance companies have different provisions for behavioral health benefits. By law, they are all required to provide coverage. Find out if there are local services in your area which provide treatment or if you’ll need to travel for help.


Call Treatment Facilities

Treatment isn’t always available. Sometimes there are waiting lists and you have to come up with a solution to create and maintain recovery during the interim. Call and find out where beds are available and how soon you can get in.


Stage An Intervention

Often, working with an interventionist can be the answer to creating a plan for recovery. Not everyone is ready for treatment, even when their loved ones know they are. Interventions usually take care of all the planning and coordination.


Attend A 12 Step Meeting

Though it is required by law to carry insurance, not everyone has it. 12-step meetings are great places to meet people who are working in “the industry” of recovery and have connections. You can get a lot of support, advice, and information on what steps to take to find help. Many people come to recovery through 12-step meetings alone, but that number is small.

From intervention services to sober monitoring programs, Hired Power and our compassionate team are ready to help empower your family and bring recovery home. Together, we can make a lifetime of recovery happen. Call 800.910.9299 for more information today.