Have you been feeling SAD in the summer? Seasonal Affective Depression, also known affectionately as SAD can be debilitating and complicate your recovery efforts. SAD is most commonly known to occur in the winter months, more prominently in cold climates with shorter days and more darkness. However, about ten percent of people suffering from SAD feel the effects in the summer months.

There are several reasons that depression can hit in the summertime. There is so much pressure! Everyone is relaxed, having fun, soaking up the sun…why can’t you? One possible reason is the change in routine. If you’ve dealt with depression before, you may be aware that finding a stable routine is an excellent way to ease depression symptoms. With summer often comes vacations, children home from school, and other changes to regular schedules which can cause tension and stress.

Summer also brings body image issues to the surface. Pressure to fit unrealistic expectations and standards can leave us feeling inadequate and depressed. Remember that beauty is a matter of perspective and find the beauty in you. Whether you are a size 20 or a size 0, be your best self, and that is beautiful.

Financial strain can occur during summer as well. With abnormal expenses such as vacations or summer camps, people can fall victim to excessive worry about money and budgeting. Planning and preparing for additional costs can help to ease financial stress during the summer. If you are susceptible to SAD, spend some extra time planning for the ins and outs of your money before summer hits to minimize financial worry.

Lastly, the weather! It may sound completely crazy, but too much sun, heat, and humidity can trigger SAD symptoms. When the temperature starts to spike, you may find yourself less active instead opting to binge watch Netflix in the air conditioning. Resist the temptation to stop moving. Staying faithful to your exercise routine will help combat SAD symptoms.

For someone in recovery, SAD symptoms can be even more extreme. If you are a loved one is experiencing SAD symptoms and feel like you are losing ground in your recovery, please remember it doesn’t have to be that way. You have choices. Hired Power offers several customizable services that can help you prevent and manage SAD symptoms without derailing your recovery. From case management services to sober companions, Hired Power has the right level of support for your personal situation. Make the choice and call Hired Power today at 714-559-3919!