Summer Tips for Recovery

Summer is a time of bbq’s and beach trips. For some people, especially those in early recovery, summer can be associated with drinking alcohol. On the recovery journey, you can still enjoy your life without alcohol. Going to the beach, having a bbq, and having summer fun does not require alcohol or any other substance.

Remembering that you are in recovery for yourself can be a strong motivator for ensuring that you plan ahead for any unforeseen cravings. If you like to fish, pack a sandwich with some lemonade. Sit on your favorite pier and enjoy fishing while you reflect on your journey of sobriety. Bring a journal with you if you like to write under the summer sun. Journal about your summer experiences as you practice sobriety.

If you attend summer gatherings, you can still enjoy a cool beverage without drinking alcohol. You don’t have to tell colleagues or friends that you are in recovery unless you want to. You can bring a coke with lime, or if you want an Arnold Palmer, bring extras. A lot of people find that cold seltzer water is a great summer beverage.

If there is an event that you believe will be stressful for you lead to cravings, bring a trusted sober friend with you. Utilizing emotional sources of support will help you make through any challenges unscathed. You can set a plan with your sober friends, so they are aware that they are with you for support. You can also set a time limit for how long you will stay.

Make a list of any activities that you will or will not participate in. Technology will be your friend if you cannot find a sober friend to physically attend with you. You can have someone readily available to you via telephone, text, or email if you need them.

Another summer tip to assist with continued sobriety can include seeking out others who are also on the same journey. You can potentially find a club or a group that brings together individuals to have fun summer activities while practicing sobriety. Have that picnic, go fishing, go to the local pool with others who are also in recovery. Research shows that interacting with others who understand your goals can be a great support.

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