The summertime always brings up conversation about body, body image, and body weight. Body image disorders like body dysmorphic disorder create deep distortions in the way one views themselves viewed their body, and believes other people view them. These three suggestions can help ease the tension of swimsuit season when recovering with body image disorders, so you can focus on all the fun you’re going to have.

Find What Fits You

Part of the stress many experience during swimsuit season is similar to the “square peg in a round hole” saying. Bodies are made differently. Swimsuits are made generically. The disordered thinking of a body disorder lies in this trap: thinking that your body is imperfect because it’s uniqueness doesn’t fit a generalized, mechanized pattern. Your body is perfect that way that it is and necessitates a bathing suit that fits it well. Looking at it from an outside perspective, it wouldn’t make sense to wear shoes that don’t fit your feet and fret that your feet aren’t the right size. Likewise, it doesn’t make sense to feel badly about not fitting into a swimsuit style which simply wasn’t made for your body. However, these statements are easier to read than they are to adopt into core beliefs. Body image distortion can be convincing. It takes a lot of work to reverse those old beliefs and create new ones. Finding a bathing suit that fits you the way you want it to, that is comfortable and makes you feel confident is all that really matters. Find what fits you for you not for anyone else.

Separate Style And Function

Bathing suits are not all created equal. Men’s bathing suits are quite easy depending on style and preference. Women’s bathing suits can be more complicated. Choosing the right material, form, and function is important for being comfortable, which is all that matters. Separate style and fashion from function. Have a bathing suit which supports you in all activities from laying on the beach to running around the beach.

Remember To Take It One Day At A Time

Bathing suit shopping can be a dreadful experience of imagining an entire summer of discomfort, embarrassment, and shame because of the distorted way you view your body. You are not alone in this. Remember like all things in recovery, to take it one day at a time. Focus on bathing suit shopping while you are bathing suit shopping. Utilize mindfulness tools like visualization to build a positive future, imagining yourself being confident, secure, and comfortable in your bathing suit. Lastly, keep in mind that your body does not define who you are but is a part of who you are.


Body image recovery is often part of recovery from eating disorders and substance use disorders. Learning to live with difficult distorted thought processes can be a challenge. Hired Power is here to help make your transition from treatment to independent living an empowering one. For information on our recovery services, call us today at 800-910-9299.