Recovery programs for the treatment of alcohol and drug use are available all over the country. There are many methods for recovering from an addiction. You may have heard of the 12-step program, which has been in existence for decades. Other approaches include SMART recovery, therapy, support groups, spiritually based recovery, and many more.

A common question in most recovery programs is the issue of taking certain types of medications in recovery. First things first, if you are prescribed medication by your physician, you should follow your doctor’s recommendations. If you are prescribed psychiatric medications for anxiety, depression, or other mental health concerns, please take them. Keeping yourself physically and emotionally healthy is an important part of recovery. Taking prescribed medications does not in any way impact your recovery.

Over-the-counter medications such as tylenol, allergy medication, and flu and cold medications can also be taken. As long as these medications aren’t abused, your recovery is safe if you take over-the-counter medications. Dealing with headaches, colds, and allergies without taking necessary medicines can be a trigger to use.

The topic of medications gets tricky when you are prescribed narcotic pain relievers or narcotic cough syrups. These medications do have abuse potential. For some ailments like serious accidents or surgeries, you may need to take narcotic-based medications. Talking with your doctor about your history is important. Your doctor will know what types of medications to prescribe you. They will also be able to monitor any dependency concerns.

For minor procedures, such as dental work or minor pain management, you’ll want to be upfront with your medical provider about being in recovery. With the surge of pain medication dependency in this country, you can never be too careful. Being honest with medical providers can reduce the risk of being prescribed something that is addicting.

Non-narcotic pain medications are available. Some of these medications have no potential for abuse at all. Make sure that you are open and honest with your doctors and your recovery support system. You can take medication and maintain your recovery if you are knowledgeable and open.

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