Talking to your Doctor About Recovery

When you’re in recovery, honesty is an important part of the process. You may not have considered that one of the people you need to talk to about your recovery is your doctor.

Talking to your doctor about recovery may be difficult, but it should be done. Honesty and strict attention to the process of recovery is important, especially in the early stages of sobriety.

Drug and alcohol use affects your health. Your doctor can provide you with emotional support as you decide to go treatment and when you have completed treatment.. Your doctor should have a thorough history of what substances you may have used and how it has impacted your life. Alcohol and opiates affects the liver, heart, and brain. Other substances like methamphetamine and cocaine can impact your respiratory and cardiovascular system. In order for you doctor to thoroughly test your health, you should be upfront about your history.

Your personal physician is responsible for providing comprehensive care, and knowing your history is the first step in that process. Being honest with your doctor can ensure that you are prescribed safe medications, as well as medications that have a lower risk for dependency. Your doctor can also do a thorough health screening to rule out any potential side effects from drug and alcohol use. Consistent medical care is the first step towards better physical and mental health.

Trusting your doctor enough to discuss your history of substance use and your commitment to sobriety will be useful in finding a source of support for yourself. If you don’t feel comfortable with your physician, perhaps it’s time to consider changing providers. With a little research, you can find physicians that specialize in addiction medicine. Feeling safe with your doctor will help you open up and receive the care that you need.

You may find it helpful to ask important questions or disclose any concerning symptoms you may have. Your journey of sobriety requires many partners, and one of those will be your doctor. Utilize your doctor to your advantage so that they can complement your recovery efforts.

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