It’s the time of year to make resolutions. And break them soon afterwards. Maybe it’s the winter cold that dismantles the best of intentions to keep resolutions. Maybe, the’s because people become lethargic after the holidays, and complacency sets in. And being complacent kills any goals that may have been set.

The following five pieces of advice is a guide to jolt out of complacency.

1 – Be Creative

Often times complacency is a symptom of boredom. There are any number of business, self help and personal growth books and presentations that talk about creativity. Tackle a new project, learn a new skill. Take a day to focus on doing your daily work in a different way. There’s a good chance that will blow the cobwebs away, and complacency with them. There’s nothing like being energized to be motivated to meet resolutions.

2 – Be Accountable

A lack of accountability can fast create a sense of complacency. When an individual is not held accountable by the people around them, motivation can disappear. It is important to find loved ones or therapists to hold oneself accountable. This is not an issue for anyone who is self motivated, but not everyone is. Having someone keep tabs on accountability can drive an individual to break out of bad habits.

3 – Help Someone Achieve

If it starts to feel too difficult to stick to personal resolutions, how about helping someone else achieve their goals or solve a problem? The sense of success that comes with achievement, even if it is on behalf of someone else, can be contagious. And it can spur the complacent individual to keep on the track with their own goals.

4 – Celebrate Small Successes

Small successes are addictive! If they are looked upon as a positive addiction, then every little achievement is able to act as a spur to do more, achieve more, and remain firmly on the path to hitting personal goals.

5 – Establish A Deadline

It is very easy to fall into the trap of not establishing a deadline. However, when there is a firm deadline in place, it’s harder to turn away from it and ignore the consequences. Complacency can quickly turn into action, with a looming deadline. For non motivated individuals, goals will never be achieved if deadlines are not set. The bottom line is that deadlines encourage action.

It’s Not Rocket Science!

Complacency comes easy. But with just a little bit of effort and following the tips above, anyone can set a goal, keep their resolutions and stay on track to success.

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