Why are some people so comfortable in their addiction?  Why don’t more people seek help for their addiction?  The answers may be that a person is just comfortable with what they know.

Recovery is an unknown and taking that first step is difficult.  A person does not know what will happen in recovery, but they do know that staying in the addictive world is known and they will know what to expect.  The life an addict is also predictable, but recovery is unpredictable.  Some addicts are truly afraid of entering recovery because not being an addict truly scares them.

Addicts typically see their lives as normal.  If someone has been using drugs and alcohol for a long time, they may have forgotten to live any other way.  Some might assume that recovery is a lot like what they have now but without the chemicals.  Recovery may seem unappealing, as an addict might believe that recovery is not going to be significantly better than what they have.  Addicts often fear recovery and assume it will be boring.  They do not want to deprive themselves of the one thing they receive comfort from.  Instead of seeing recovery as a chance for happiness, they see it as prison sentence.

Denial helps an addict stay comfortable in their addiction.  They have many excuses for not entering treatment despite all the problems they have.  They will blame others for their misfortune; however, the one thing they will not blame is the alcohol or the drugs.  Life has to get bad before they are able to see past their denial.

The friends of addicts are typically users themselves.  If an addict enters recovery, they will lose their social support system.  It is difficult to walk away from those who support your addiction and who share your life priorities.  Your “friends” do not judge you and maybe if you enter a program of recovery, you will not have these friends.  For some addicts, this is unacceptable.

Recovery does take motivation, which many addicts do not have.  At least the type of motivation necessary to stay clean and sober.  An addict cannot fathom life without their drugs or alcohol and they wonder how they will deal with cravings.  There is also fear related to how they will respond physically and psychologically when they no longer have chemicals in their systems.  Oftentimes, the withdrawal symptoms are what keeps an addict from entering a program of recovery.

Another reason addicts are comfortable in their addictions is due to self-medication.  How are they going to handle the boss, or the family, or stress if they cannot have a drink or other self-medicating drug?

If you see yourself above, why not give treatment and recovery a try?  Hired Power can help you overcome the anxiety you might be feeling regarding treatment and recovery.  There is a better way and it starts today!  Please call us (800) 910-9299.