consequences of drunk driving


The impact of drunk driving is far reaching. Alcohol impairs the ability to think clearly, act quickly and severely limits a person’s motor control skills which can lead to accidents or even death on the roadways. In addition, jail time, DUIs, drug courts and addiction treatment are all consequences of driving while intoxicated. The consequences impact not only the person drinking but also others on the roads, family, friends and colleagues who care about the individual.


Costs of a Drink

Every two minutes, a person is injured in an automobile accident involving a drunk driver. A person injured in a car accident because of drunk driving may be impaired for life, in a wheelchair or on life support in a hospital. The consequences of drunk driving can negatively impact a person’s life now and in the future. Every 30 minutes a person is killed by a drunk driver. While morbidity statistics stand out, there are lesser known consequences of a person’s drunk driving as well including:

  • Car used in a crime which incurs impound fees
  • Community service
  • Lawyer’s fees
  • Increased auto insurance rates
  • Mandatory jail time
  • Unable to rent a car when needed
  • Possible loss of employment or trouble getting a job
  • Suspended driver’s license


Alcohol Abuse Treatment

Some states in the United States allow the option of alcohol abuse treatment instead of jail time. The consequences associated with drunk driving differ from state to state. Treatment instead of jail time may be an option but there are also alternatives such as sober living, DUI treatment or rehabilitation. Studies have proven alcohol abuse treatment to be more effective than jail time in helping individuals with addiction to alcohol recover and live sober. A comprehensive approach is best when it comes to providing treatment for individuals who drink and drive to understand the reasons for the behavior and the consequences of behavior which harms others. Treatment programs can help an individual stay out of jail and get necessary help to reach recovery and sober living but only if the person is willing to focus on treatment, get better and make the decision not to drink and drive. Nobody can force a person to make better decisions who is not ready to do so.



The risks of drinking and driving are extremely high for the person who drinks and family, friends and others on the road. Consequences such as jail time, revocation of licenses or the inability to find gainful employment are small in comparison to the possibility of taking another person’s or one’s own life. The difference is made when a person decides to fully embrace the consequences, admit fault and move forward with treatment and sober living. While the consequences of one’s actions cannot always be reversed, it is only possible to move forward when a person is able to forgive and see the error of one’s ways in order to make amends.


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