The Dangers of Alcohol and Energy Drinks

Energy drinks mixed with alcohol are a popular beverage in bars, clubs, and lounges. Alcohol is a depressant that slows down the respiratory and central nervous system. Increased hospitalizations and possible brain damage can also be caused by mixing alcohol with energy drinks.  Consuming alcohol with energy drinks can lead to heart dysfunction that can be a potentially serious concern for you.

A lot of people like to consume alcohol based energy drinks to stay alert and reduce the depressant effects of alcohol. Unfortunately, alcohol and energy drinks are dangerous and can cause fatality. Mixing alcohol with energy drinks has the possibility of causing over intoxication and increases the risk of alcohol poisoning.

When mixing energy drinks with alcohol you tend to drink more because the energy drink will mask the effects of inebriation. Alcohol and energy drinks can increase the risk of negative behaviors within you, such as drinking and driving. Mixing alcohol and energy drinks also increases your sugar intake, another negative side effect, especially if you wish to practice sobriety.

As the initial effects of the alcohol decrease your inhibition and bring about depressive symptoms, the energy drinks change them, wake you up, and make you feel even more uninhibited. Dancing uninhibitedly, believing that you can operate heavy machinery, and feeling as if you were happier than ever before, are tricks that can be played by your mind as you mix alcohol with energy drinks.

When feeling more uninhibited, your chance of contracting a sexually transmitted infection can be increased due to impaired decision making. Higher rates of sexual assault are reported when alcohol is involved. Depression can increase, as well.

As you find your night winding down you may notice heart palpitations and have trouble falling asleep. You can also find yourself feeling more tense and possibly agitated, another negative side effect of consuming alcohol with energy drinks.

If you are drinking alcohol and mixing it with energy drinks for a more euphoric feeling, this will only last for a short amount of time. You will find yourself in a more depressive state, more anxiety filled, and if you have a diagnosable mental illness – the symptoms will be exacerbated. The next time you see a friend mixing alcohol with an energy drink, be responsible, and encourage them to practice safety or sobriety. If you or someone you know needs help, talk to an addiction expert today.

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