Recovery from substance and behavioral addictions is a time of self-reflection and learning opportunities for personal growth.  Sometimes recovery can be a little challenging or maybe even uncertain.  What makes the difference in recovery is the care and support of others; surrounding yourself with people who share in your goals.  Recent research indicates the more people you surround yourself with during recovery the more you can reach your full potential.

There are four areas that were recently outlined in a study that have shown to support recovery.

  • Community:  Surround yourself with others in the community; expand your social network.  Of course, you want to include others who are not active in their addiction.
  • Home:  One key component of recovery is having a safe place to live that is stable.
  • Health:  Make healthy choices that support your emotional and physical well-being.
  • Purpose:  Find and pursue goals that are meaningful.  Learn how to be independent; maintain a job, go to school; motivate yourself to become fully immersed with others who support your recovery.

Addiction causes family disruption and can tear families apart, as not only does addiction affect the addict, it also affects everyone in the family.  Family members can also benefit from recovery by becoming informed about the addiction process, recovery, and any co-occurring mental health issues.  Participation in family therapy sessions and attending 12-step support groups for the family are important, as these can provide a support network for the family members.  Each member of the family will need to work their own program of recovery to learn new ways of thinking and living both for themselves and the addicted family member.

The connection between the addict and their family involves communicating effectively and providing a safe environment in which thoughts and feelings can be openly shared and discussed.  All family members will need support and to find their own definition of recovery and purposeful life.  This connection with family members is one way in which the recovering addict can experience love and support.

Recovery requires commitment and effort.  All of those in recovery must move forward with goals that lead to purpose and joy.  When there are social connections supported with love and meaning, it can make recovery more purposeful.

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