Drugs in pop culture can have a huge influence on people young and old as the media flaunts the positive side effects of drug use but negates sharing what is difficult about addiction. As more media finds its way into homes and lifestyles, it is easier to see the influence creeping in. Learn more about how pop culture influences views of drug and alcohol use.

Drugs in Pop Culture

Drugs in pop culture have a commonplace reference and outright usage in popular music, movies and literature. Children see drug references in cartoons, movies and listen to it in music. Kids will emulate behaviors seen and develop oral fixations on candies and juices which can lead to habitual smoking and drinking later. Drugs in pop culture has a more profound effect on young people than most like to admit.

Influence on Teens

Many teens are stressed by school causing anxiety in social lives and personal lives at home. The introduction of drugs and alcohol can open doorways to unhealthy methods of alleviating stress. It is not always the case as peer pressure plays a role in teen substance use also. Peer pressure is constantly being reinforced by recurrences of drug and alcohol use in movies and television. Some artists even use street drug names like Molly or Mary Jane to teach kids about drugs. Certain television programs and movie characters try to justify drug use by stating how it enhances awareness, expands mental boundaries or makes everything look more enjoyable.


Drugs transcend all avenues of entertainment including sports. The sports world has been scrutinized for being a place where drugs are more acceptable. This includes performance enhancing drugs, athletes through the ages have been accused and convicted in a number of drugs cases which seem to openly endorse alcohol and make it look enticing for individuals to try.

Society watches drug culture evolve on the pop scene whether it is acceptable in a fiction show or ones which are reality television with young people living in a house together and going out drinking and partying every night.Today’s acceptance of drugs in pop culture make it seem more glamorous than it is and glosses over the devastating impact it has on families and society. The shows construe a message it is possible to do more with drugs and live well than it is without. Music, movies and television are all notorious for overselling the benefits of alcohol and drugs while not looking at negative consequences which occur with usage. It is not surprising society has young smokers and drinkers who are not living the full lives deserved due to the ravages of addiction.


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