One of the most renown services at Hired Power is our Safe Passage Transport. We send one of our trusted and certified recovery coaches to wherever your loved one is to help them get to treatment. Safe passage transport is a way to ensure that your loved one is cared for and kept accountable as they embark upon their journey from point A to point B. There are opportunities for relapse anywhere a vulnerable addict or alcoholic goes. For someone struggling with a primary mental health disorder and is heading to treatment, the support of a certified professional can be the encouragement they need to follow through with their journey.

A marker in the diagnosis of a substance use disorder is whether or not someone has lost their ability to manage and control their drinking and using. To be fully diagnosed, the answer is yes. That means, beyond all of their good intentions, they are extremely vulnerable to triggers for using. If you think there aren’t ways for your loved one to get caught up on their way to treatment, here are some of the methods they have tried. Hire a Safe Passage Transport and make sure the road to recovery starts clean and sober.

Airport Bars

This is perhaps the most obvious route to immediate relapse. Airports are full of restaurants, bars, and lounges, where alcohol is available to purchase.

Drinks On The Plane

Additionally, there is alcohol served on the plane, with little limitation. Getting drunk in an airport or on the plane could lead to total inebriation and cause problems with federal agencies. Deterring the ability to get treatment outside of the judicial system could be a detriment to lifelong recovery.

Making A Connection At The Airport, Bus Station, Or Train Station

There is always a bathroom, a front door, or a corner to meet a “friend”. Drug dealers are eager to make a last dollar and try to keep a long term customer when they suspect they are about to lose some income. Picking up drugs before making a journey isn’t uncommon. There are many, many ways to smuggle drugs through an airport and onto a plane. People on their way to recovery have been known to hide rigs and drugs, then use drugs in the bathrooms of their transportation.

Missing Their Ride

It might not be because they’re intoxicated. Maybe they were completely committed to going to treatment and getting better. Because they’re so fresh into the process with little coping tools to support them, any sign or symptom of withdrawal including obsessive cravings, can become too much. About to board the plane, train, or bus, they might have a last minute impulse and make a run for it.


Hired Power offers recovery services to help your family focus on supporting your loved one. We’ll handle the details. From intervention to aftercare, our compassionate team is here to empower your family each step of the way. Together, we’re bringing recovery home. Call us today for more information at 1-800-910-9299.