Back to school is a huge transition for all parents, regardless of how old your kids are this year. When your child is in recovery, as a parent, you are dealing with recovery as well, just from a different perspective. Your inclination may be to stay with your child at all times to protect them and keep them safe. You may feel you need to be there to keep them on track and keep them focused on their recovery on track. Parenting a child in recovery is a huge commitment and an enormous responsibility.

The return to school provides a change to your child’s routine which can lead to additional stress. School can inadvertently put your recovering child in positions where peer pressure and uncomfortable situations can occur. Bullying can be an issue for those dealing with addiction, as well. All of these potential issues add another dimension to your child’s recovery.

This is where parent coaching can be very beneficial for families of children in recovery. Parent coaching provides an opportunity for parents to learn practical techniques that offer support to their children while still giving them the autonomy they need to progress through their recovery journey. Parent coaching offers parents the strength to trust their child, also, which is a necessity when they begin school once again. Sometimes parents do all they can for their children, but when dealing with recovery, knowledge is power. Parent coaching can give you the insight you need.

Handling your child’s recovery does not have to be your sole responsibility. Let Hired Power’s team of professionals, experienced in addiction and recovery, help you during this difficult time. Hired Power’s case management service is completely personalized to the individuals and their family. The focus is not just on the individual dealing with addiction, but also includes the family that surrounds that person. Hired Power provides parent coaching to help you understand what your child is going through and to guide you in coping and supporting your child. During this stressful back-to-school time, parent coaching can ease your stress, help you to worry less, and let you focus on the critical things. All of this while knowing your child is in competent hands and is receiving the level of support they need. Get started today, and call Hired Power at 800.910.9299 to speak with someone about how Hired Power can help your family!