The Pros of Holding an Intervention

If you are reading this, you may be searching for help for a loved one who is using drugs or abusing alcohol. An intervention is a productive way to share your feelings and concerns with your loved one. Interventions are also a way to establish boundaries and set guidelines so that your loved one knows that you care, but are insisting that they get the help they need.

Rallying family members and close friends together to hold an official meeting with your loved one who is using substances is often involved in an intervention. Interventionists facilitate and guide the process of intervention from start to finish. This decreases the likelihood that the intervention will go rogue. Even though families want the best, drug and alcohol addiction is painful on many levels. A person addicted to substances has caused pain to themselves and their family, even if this pain is unintentional. Letting an interventionist guide the process ensures that a neutral third-party will be able to facilitate the intervention smoothly.

An intervention allows you to have an opportunity to express your concerns, fears, and hopes for your loved one. The interventionist will have you prepare what you want to say to your loved when when you encourage them to seek treatment. You will get to establish boundaries. When your loved one’s addiction has reached the stage of needing an intervention, this means that nothing else has worked. Your loved one may even be heading towards serious consequences of incarceration or death.

Your loved one has the chance to get help, which may save their life. The goal of an intervention is for your loved one to enter treatment. For many families, the intervention is actually a decision. Either your loved ones goes to treatment or boundaries within the family will have to change.

An intervention, like recovery, is not a one time event. Rather, an intervention is a process. Your interventionist will help you prepare and gather your thoughts. The intervention will be held and your loved one will face the option of going to treatment immediately. No matter what the outcome is, your interventionist will be available for aftercare and follow up.

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