One of the major problems with teen addiction is that as parents we cannot prepare ourselves for it. It is something that happens to others’ children. You don’t ever want to think that your child may one day struggle from drug abuse and the accompanying health issues. When it happens, you feel helpless. You’re not prepared to handle the issue and you begin searching for ways and means to overcome the calamitous situation. Take heart, things will improve. Once you know the way out, and begin taking the first steps, the journey to recovery can be completed with grit and willpower by the addict, and aided by family.  

Recognizing Signs

It is vital that parents not only take cognizance of the teen’s addiction but also follow through with the necessary steps. Because if they don’t, then the teen is likely to grow into a dysfunctional adult with mental and physical health problems. There is a good chance that they will pass on the addiction and accompanying ills to their offspring.

The first step is to be honest and acknowledge that there is a problem with a teen in your family. This is the first step of the journey that you and your child will make, and this is going to be a lifelong journey. Wellness and a fulfilling life are the rewards that await the teen. But you’ll need help. There are different stages to recovery, and at each stage you will need the help of qualified and experienced experts.


The first step is an intervention in which the counselor will discuss the teen’s addiction with the family. The teen will learn about the harmful effects of the drug being abused, the path to recovery, and why it should be taken. As a parent, your role will be cut out. You will have to stop enabling the teen’s addiction. The sooner your child’s recovery process begins, the quicker you can get your own life back on track.

Your troubled teen will need all the help he can get. This includes informal help from friends and family and formal assistance from medical experts that oversee detox and preside over the recovery process.


A therapeutic boarding school is an alternative that parents should seriously consider. Such a school assures you that your ward will be treated for addiction and mental health issues that arise from substance abuse. Regular counseling ensures that any behavioral issues are promptly addressed.

Placing your child in a therapeutic boarding school can be a tough decision. However, the alternative is letting your child wither away and struggle with problems for the rest of his or her life. You have the opportunity to help your troubled teen. Take it. You cannot do everything by yourself.

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