There are Varying Levels of Treatment: Recovery Care Management Can Help

Recovery from alcohol and drug dependency may not be easy. Recovery will give you a new life, a new sense of purpose, and new reason for living. There are varying levels of treatment available to treat many different types of addiction.

You may not know where to start, or even where to turn next. Recovery care management is a complete and thorough approach to staying sober for the long run. Recovery care management provides professional consultation to the recovery process, and works with you and your family in identifying additional support outside of the traditional 28 day inpatient program.

An initial treatment program may not be enough. If you’ve been using drugs or alcohol to the point that it’s creating serious consequences, you’ll want to get all of the support that you can get. Recovery care management can help you create a solid, structured aftercare plan.

Recovery care management services include:

  • Monitoring
  • Creating measurable goals
  • Daily check ins for accountability
  • Case management
  • Assignments to encourage sober skill development
  • Individual and family coaching
  • Connecting you or your loved one to local support services
  • Job coaching
  • After hours support
  • Connecting you or your loved one to sober recreational activities
  • And much more

Recovery care management is individualized for each client. As you know, addiction treatment cannot be a cookie cutter approach. Everyone is an individual in their needs, challenges, and strengths. Therefore, every client should be given individual attention and dedication.

Recovery care management works to identify and connect you or your loved one to local support programs. Whether this be a 12 step group or a fun, sober outing, recovery care management is there to assist. Having fun in recovery and learning to be sober in your career is just as important as going to meetings. Recovery care management services handles all of these important factors.

Overall, recovery care management is a service that works just as hard as you do. You made the first step in sobriety by choosing recovery, so having a team to bolster your success is crucial. Hired Power believes in a compassionate and innovative approach to gaining long term sobriety.

Hired Power is dedicated to connecting you to tools you need to figure out what recovery is all about. Through our services and expertise, you can accomplish your recovery goals. Call us now at 714-559-3919. Your first sober day can begin today.