5 Things that Happen to your Body When you Stop Drinking Alcohol

Quitting alcohol does some pretty amazing things to your body. You’ll notice physical benefits shortly after you stop drinking. Your hail, nails, mood and a lot more will change for the better. Putting down alcohol will benefit you in many ways, here are a few:

1- Your risk of certain diseases drop. Alcohol wreaks havoc on your body. Everything from your skin, heart, liver, and other major organs are impacted by the negative effects of alcohol. Once you stop drinking, your liver may begin repairing itself. This is if there is no serious damage present, like cirrhosis. Your risk of heart disease and cancer will drop the longer you stay sober. Alcohol abuse puts stress on your entire body, so steering clear of booze is a really healthy goal to commit to.

2- Your skin will get clearer. Alcohol is a toxin. Alcohol also dehydrates you, and your skin can take the brunt of these negative effects. Within days of putting down alcohol, your skin will be more hydrated. Subsequently, redness and puffiness of the face will clear up.

3- You lose weight. Alcohol is essentially full of empty calories. From beer to mixed drinks, alcohol abuse can contribute to thousands of extra calories a month. When you stop drinking, you will lose some excess weight. Consider healthy eating and exercise to supplement the weight loss you’ll get from not drinking.

4- You get better sleep. Have you ever passed out after a night of drinking and woke up utterly exhausted and groggy? This is because alcohol interrupts your REM sleep. Basically, your body is asleep but your brain is fully awake. When you quit drinking, you will begin having better, more restful sleep.

5- You save money! Alcohol is not cheap. If you spend only $50 a week on booze, you can save over $2000 a year, just by quitting. You can use this extra money to really treat yourself. Self-care is critical to your recovery and overall emotional well-being. All the money you save, really adds up as the years progress.

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