Completion of a substance abuse treatment program marks a milestone in recovery. Relapse is a very real issue affecting many people who complete recovery. Triggers may be associated with prior use of substances including certain smells, locations or even a text from an old friend. Making it through treatment does not guarantee a person will be able to manage relapse triggers without the right support and tools to work through.


Positivity Matters

Post-treatment, a person may want to connect with old friends and support networks. Sometimes a person thinks how wonderful it will be to support others through addiction issues but peer pressure can be too much for a person in early recovery. More than likely, friends and family who struggle with addiction will try to get an individual back to old habits. All it takes is one time to spiral down into addiction. Positive influences are by choice and have an enormous impact on recovery.


Beware Old Temptations

Old temptations will come calling, it’s a matter of time. All the tools in the world can fail in the face of temptation to use a drug or other substance. Maybe it’s accepting a cigarette even when drinking was the addiction. Replacement addiction can be equally as difficult to kick (sugar, nicotine, food, etc) and may lead to various health problems.


Be Mindful

Rather than struggle with triggers, it can help to practice mindfulness, which grounds and calms a person. Positive statements that affirm worthiness and positive aspects of an individual’s personality are important. Yoga classes can also be helpful for people who want to focus on mind, body and spirit based practices for mindfulness. Healing the whole person through healthy activities is going to take a person further than just focusing on one element.


Look to the Future

Everyone changes in many ways following treatment. Self-pity and overwhelm are difficult feelings that may emerge as the challenges of recovery lie ahead. A new chapter in a person’s life begins and positive changes are great but drugs and alcohol do not belong in the future. People who struggle with addiction and focus on recovery are able to build a life around what is healthy and use the tools provided in treatment to live sober and still find enjoyment in that new lifestyle. It takes time but it is possible to find happiness and peace.


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