Tips for Moving Back Home After Treatment

Going back home after treatment is exciting and scary at the same time. You may have a lot of thoughts going in your mind. Will you succeed? Will you fail? These kinds of thoughts are normal, and may even be good for you. Recovery is new and unfamiliar territory, so it’s only natural to be apprehensive.

There are ways to enhance your chances for successful sobriety. Here are some tips, as you think about making the transition back home.

1- Throw away reminders of alcohol and drugs. You have no use for them anymore. If you need help, consider using recovery assistant services. Throwing reminders away may feel emotionally painful. In order to move forward, you have to get rid of reminders of the past.

2- Go through your contact list. This is an important one. Having the number of dealers, friends who use, and other negative influences isn’t going to work. Cleaning out your contact list may also feel painful. Going to support groups is a great way to share your feelings, and even meet sober friends.

3- Depending on your work, you may not be able to avoid everyone who uses. Follow tip 2 and consider support groups. Having a mentor or recovery assistant to take with you to events is an excellent way to plan for success.

4- Remember the reasons why you went to treatment. Reminding yourself of goals and dreams that you have can be motivation to carry on. Perhaps you were in pain or lost relationships. You truly don’t want to feel like that again, so carry on towards recovery. You can do it.

5- Make and follow your aftercare plan. Your plan could include support groups, recovery assistants, therapy, exercise, or massages. Whatever you do, make sure to follow your plan.

Going back home may seem overwhelming. With a little prep work and dedication, you can stay sober. Hired Power understands how tricky going back home can feel. Let us help you get focused and prepare for returning back home.

Hired Power is an expert in bringing compassion and innovation to addiction treatment. Hired Power offers specialized services to assist with transitions. If you want to learn more about how to return home after treatment, call Hired Power today at 714-559-3919. Hired Power is the expert you need to help you become empowered in your recovery journey.