Urinalysis is a way to detect otherwise undetectable relapse when someone is recovering from chemical dependency. Parents and family members or spouses aren’t always comfortable being the authority figure dictating when to perform a urinalysis. Hired Power offers a sober monitoring program which is networked with labs all over the country. When you work with one of our Case Managers, you will have specific time and day on which you have to go to a lab and contribute a urine sample for analysis. Through text and email you will communicate with your Case Manager that you completed the urinalysis and that the results are on the way.




Home breathalyzers can be expensive but effective. For one to two months after treatment, it might be wise to maintain a form of accountability commonly practiced in treatment and sober living homes. Each night, a breathalyzer test ensures that no alcohol has been consumed. Currently, there are no breathalyzer tests which detect the use of drugs. However, with the growing legalization of marijuana, developers are working on creating a technology which could identify other drugs through a breathalyzer unit.


Meeting Attendance


Regularly attending recovery support group meetings is part of an active recovery program. Many sober livings require a meeting attendance sheet be filled out and signed by a meeting secretary a few days a week. For your loved one, decide how many nights per week they need to attend meetings and ask them to create an attendance form which they have filled out by someone at the meeting. Though it is easy to “forge” a meeting sheet, many will find they benefit from going to the meetings and will not lie about it.


Working With A Sober Monitoring Program


The sober monitoring program at Hired Power includes working individually with case managers who check in through email, text, and phone calls daily, weekly, and monthly. Our goal is to help you track your progress in recovery while helping you stay accountable and continue to grow.



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