Using the Past as Motivation for the Future

When you start a recovery program, you may have feelings of guilt, shame, and regret. The point of recovery is not to live in what ifs and if onlys. Recovery offers you a new life, a chance to heal, and a chance to use your past as motivation for the future.

You may have skeletons in your closet, and that’s okay. Everyone does. If you feel that you are unable to move forward, getting involved with therapy or self help groups ar a great way to process any regrets you may have.

In addition, you may want to start using your past experiences as motivation to work towards your recovery goals. If there are things in your past that you never want to experience again, don’t. Don’t pick up a drink or a drug. Use those feelings to motivate you to incorporate new coping skills, new relationships, and new sober experiences.

Healing is part of recovery. Addiction brings shame, stigma, and regrets. Recovery offers hope, forgiveness, and restoration. The journey from active addiction to recovery is challenging and even difficult, at times. The journey, however, is always worth it. The recovery journey also gets easier.

When you think about your past, try not to beat yourself up. Addiction does enough damage to your identity. You have to realize that there isn’t one perfect person walking this planet. The fact that you have decided to give recovery a shot is huge.

When you start on the recovery journey, you don’t want to live in the past. You do want to remember the journey leading up to recovery. Remember where you came from, only as a means to never return to that life.

Recovery is incredibly rewarding. Being able to say that you are in recovery is empowering. If you stay stuck on your past, the chances of you returning to the past are high. If you remember the lessons of your past but continue moving forward, you will be successful.

All in all, take your recovery one day at a time. Use the past as motivation to stay strong and continue walking the road of recovery. You can do this.

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