vitamins for recovery

Obviously, substance abuse can lead to nutritional deficiencies; digestive issues, too. While you’re recovering from addiction, one of your most important responsibilities is nourishing your body with healthy stuff to undo the effects of all the bad stuff. One of the most common deficits for addicts is in essential vitamins. A combination of the right supplements can help correct the metabolic problems and chemical imbalances caused by any vitamin deficiency, at least to some degree.

Taking Healthy Vitamins

Ideally, you should consume your nutrients through food, but there are a number of reasons to take supplements. For those trying to lose weight, it can be a good way to retain nutrient balance whilst remaining in caloric deficit. For those who could simply use a nutrient boost, supplements can be cheap, fast, and efficient.

Most multivitamins contain appropriate doses of each B-vitamin complex, vitamin A and vitamin C. The B-complex is for your digestive system and for normalizing appetite, vision, nerve function, skin regeneration, and red blood cell development. The vitamin C improves cellular function, which is essentially for wound healing, immune function, iron uptake, and virtually all other bodily functions. The vitamin A supports healthy vision and organs (as well re-production function).

Vitamins for Recovery

Drug use can also rob the body of essential minerals, some of which might also be worth supplementing. Calcium and magnesium help reduce irritability – a major asset in addiction recovery. Iron reduces headaches, fatigue, and depression – much of what makes up drug withdrawals. Potassium and selenium and important for healing in general: they improve blood pressure and heart function.

Determining which supplement is the smartest choice will be a matter of research. Before you even purchase a product, look up some reviews to make sure it even works. Keep in mind that, in the US, the federal government doesn’t regulate supplements. They don’t have to work – nor do they have to be all that fool-proof. Educate yourself on exactly how much protein, vitamins, or minerals you actually need, and pay close attention to how much of each you’re actually consuming.


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