The mark of any alcoholic experience is realizing you want to quit drinking, you need to quit drinking, but despite your best efforts, you can’t quit drinking on your own. Calling for help is the first action to take. These are your options for what you can do to help yourself after you’ve realized you need help.


If you are drinking a considerable amount of alcohol everyday, it is likely that within the first hour alcohol is not being put into your system, you are experiencing symptoms of withdrawal. You might get the shakes, start sweating, feel your heart pounding, have anxiety, and start craving another drink. Getting through detox can be challenging and also dangerous. Alcohol detox can include seizures, vomiting, and high blood pressure. Going to a clinical detox program will only take 10 days to three weeks in extreme circumstances. Detox guarantees your safety with round the clock trained nurses and counselors to help you get through. At a detox center, you’ll get the vitamins, nutrients, and hydration you need to help your body through the process. After detox, you can choose if you want to go to treatment or try a different approach to recovery.

Inpatient Treatment

What is commonly referred to as “rehab” is a 30 day residential stay for primary treatment. During these first 30 days you’ll be in a residential facility where everything is taken care of on site, rides are provided for outside doctors, and therapy programming is all day long. This is the highest level of care which is recommended for those who do not feel they can stay sober on their own without structure and accountability. You’ll participate in therapy, receive alternative healing treatments, learn about addiction and mental health, as well as relapse prevention.

Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient, And Outpatient Care

These are lower levels of “treatment” you can participate in depending on your availability. Most often, a client is urged to go through the levels of treatment in a descending order of treatment in order to smoothly transition into independent living. However, that isn’t always an option. Not typically including residential services, these levels of treatment are ideal as day treatment options.

Create Your Own Recovery Program

Hired Power offers unique services like sober monitoring, recovery planning, and personal recovery coaches which work with your specific needs and demands in order to incorporate recovery into your life. Going to treatment takes time, which is not available to everyone. You can create a successful program of recovery for your own life with the help of trained and knowledgeable professionals like the family at Hired Power.


Our goal is to help you bring recovery home. From intervention to aftercare monitoring, the family at Hired Power compassionately serves the families needing recovery in their lives. Call us today for more information on our recovery services. 1-800-910-9299.