Snorting Vicodin delivers a high amount of hydrocodone to the brain and that too very fast. This raises the risk of becoming physically dependent on this medication. Vicodin is meant to be consumed orally. There is a very real danger of becoming addicted to Vicodin when you snort it. When you snort Vicodin, it enters the bloodstream via the sinus passages. The process takes three minutes, which is about ten times faster than the time taken when it is consumed orally. Snorting results in easing of pain, a feeling of being relaxed and a sense of euphoria. The effects are acutely felt but they also dissipate away quicker, they don’t last as long as the effects with oral consumption.

Throat and Nose

Snorting Vicodin harms the body, particularly the throat and nose. Vicodin snorting can lead to a dependency on this medication, which can easily progress to an addiction. Negative side effects you expose yourself to when you snort Vicodin include constipation, difficulty in breathing, depression, higher risk of addiction, bouts of unconsciousness, and an increase in tolerance. The body’s immune system gets compromised and you become more vulnerable to bacterial and viral infections. Damage to the nasal septum can affect your sense of smell.


Acetaminophen, one of the ingredients in Vicodin, makes this a very dangerous drug to abuse. Overdosing on acetaminophen can kill a person. Regular abuse leads to liver damage. Because Vicodin acts very quickly, an overdose is not easy to detect in time. Signs of an overdose include damp skin, giddiness, sleepiness, loss of alertness, seizures, respiratory arrest, difficulty in breathing, perspiration, and retching.

People take to snorting Vicodin because the process is quicker and they experience relief from pain that much quicker. When Vicodin is consumed orally, hydrocodone has to pass through the digestive tract before it is absorbed into the blood. Upon snorting, it hits the brain almost immediately. But while the effect is felt immediately, it does not last long. You run the risk of liver failure. Dependence on snorting Vicodin can quickly escalate to addiction. An overdose can be potentially fatal.

If you’re taking Vicodin as medicine, you should not snort it. Snorting is a behavioral trait associated with addicts. The risks associated with such behavior are simply not worth the faster pain relief. If you’re snorting Vicodin then you need to ask yourself if you’re doing it for faster pain relief or have you moved beyond that stage and are now snorting it to get high quickly. The answers will determine your future well being and the happiness of your near and dear ones.

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