The word coach incites certain ideas. Let’s look at more common types of coaches. For let’s say, sports. They guide the player on the rules of the game. They not only show them how to play, but how to play their very best. They are there by their side cheering for their success. A sober coach can be a looked at in a lot of the same ways. Only there training ground isn’t the court or field, it is real life.

Sober Coaches Provide Direction, Encouragement, and Motivation

A sober coach will provide encouragement and motivation to get the client involved in their lives and their addiction recovery. Coaching them to find a healthy, recovery oriented routine. This can include, but is not limited to, attending recovery meetings, returning to work or school, or just simply altering and bettering the client’s daily schedule. A sober coach will help the client to develop skills for daily life that are vital to long-lasting and successful recovery. A sober coach will be there to help guide and direct the client through social settings, work occasions, travel, or any especially challenging event. A sober coach will provide sober support through tough phases, transitions, and high-risk situations. Getting and staying clean can be a very arduous process, but it doesn’t have to be done alone.

Privacy and Confidentiality are Important

On the road or at home, a sober coach will be there to help. For many clients, there is a very serious concern that their private matters stay exactly that, private. The client can count on not only safety, responsibility, and professionalism from their sober coach, but also unconditional conscientiousness of discretion, confidentiality, and ethics.

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